Jaipur Limb Project, Haiti

On Monday the 23rd of April 2012, the new Jaipur Limb project at Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon opened its doors. The new Jaipur Clinic is a gift from Rotary and includes the Limb Workshop, where prosthetic limbs are fitted and made, the Goose House, where visiting doctors will stay as they teach and work with patients, and a dorm for patients to stay as their new prosthetic limbs are being fitted and they are in rehabilitation.  Rotary also donated a Toyota Land Cruizer to pick up patients from remote locations who will be fitted at the clinic. The first patients arrived the week of April 23 and 25 more patients have been identified and will be arriving soon. The Jaipur Project will be a great addition to the services Hospital Bienfaisance provides.  Pictured are representatives from the hospital and Rotary as the new clinic celebrated its grand opening.