Haiti Earthquake Relief

The Rotary Foundation has established the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fun for U.S. Rotarians who want to donate toward recovery efforts after a powerful earthquake rocked Haiti on 12 January.

On Wednesday, February 10th, the Lillington Rotary Club made a delivery to Garner of relief items for Haiti.


Numerous boxes of supplies prepared by the 5th grade students of Sonia Wallace at Lillington-Shawtown Elementary School, together with a

large tent, were loaded by Ms. Wallace and her students at the school. The transport vehicle, driven by Rotarian Ed McCormick, was pre-loaded with three tents from our Lillington Rotary Club and 8 hygiene kits from the Youth at Lillington Presbyterian Church.

Lillington-Shawtown Elementary Class for Haiti Relief  

Lillington Incoming President of Rotary, Karen Kratz, and Rotarian Tom Woerner, Editor of the Harnett County News, and Rotarian Ed McCormick were present at the school for the loading.

All items were delivered today to Bachelor Supply in Garner. This warehouse was just recently leased on behalf of Rotary District 7710 and our items were the very first to be dropped off. Pictured above is one of Ms. Wallace’s students, Will McCormick with Mike Kendall, the person in charge drop off point at Batchelor Supply]. These items, together with other items to be delivered to the Batchelor Supply drop-off site, will be stored in sea containers and delivered to the port at Wilmington for shipment to Haiti.

Kudos goes to Principal Linda Stewart, teacher Sonia Wallace, and her 5th graders for all of their hard work, and a very special thanks to the Youth at Lillington Presbyterian Church for their effort in this very worthwhile effort.